VeeSim - Virtual Emergency Evacuation Simulator

VeeSim - Virtual Emergency Evacuation Simulator

VeeSim ensures onsite reponders can manage emergency situations and save lives.

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VeeSim - Virtual Emergency Evacuation Simulator

VeeSim - Virtual Emergency Evacuation Simulator

Protecting building managers by delivering the highest levels of emergency management competence and compliance

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VeeSim - Virtual Emergency Evacuation Simulator

VeeSim is a training simulator that simulates a building emergency and warden reporting from each zone, requiring the chief warden to manage the emergency and building evacuation (full or partial), in real time.

VeeSim allows emergency response instructors, building and security management to train all relevant staff repeatedly (24/7), collecting detailed training data for compliance, with NO disruption to building operations.

VeeSim - Where Compliance MEETS Competence

What some of our industry partners say...

Development of VeeSim is performed with ongoing input from industry partners who have many years experience in fire safety, security and building management.  With updated versions being reviewed during the development process the comments received have been motivating for the team. 

Comments such as "I wish I had VeeSim 20 years ago.  It would have made training much easier" and "I think VeeSim is going to be just as valuable for evaluating evacuation protocols and procedures, as it is for training staff", have confirmed that VeeSim is an important training tool. 

The final comment made to us just recently has been the icing on the cake.  While reviewing the first public release of VeeSim one of our partners exclaimed. "You do realize that you have developed the next major fire safety compliance tool that will revolutionize fire safety and evacuation training".  Our answer was. No. But that seems like a pretty positive outcome.

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The Development Team

VeeSim Partners

VeeSim Delivers Unconscious Competence

VeeSim Delivers Unconscious Competence

VeeSim addresses the main issue of training chief warden staff by providing a simulated environment where staff can be trained repeatedly until they are unconsciously competent.

Fire Protection Industry Awards 2018 Finalist Innovative Product and Technology Award

In summary...

VeeSim provides easily accessible emergency evacuation training 24/7, ensuring staff competency in EWIS panel operation, a detailed understanding of evacuation procedures, "and most importantly",   experience evacuating your building in a simulated emergency.