About Us


VeeSim has been developed by Risa Connections Pty Ltd.  Risa Connections is a small startup company consisting of four IT, sales and marketing professionals with significant experience in the design, development and global role out of new systems.

Based on our experience and from speaking with fire safety specialists, we identified an opportunity to enhance safety training in the area of building evacuation training. An initial prototype was demonstrated to a range of safety organisations and based on the positive response the team decided to develop the EWIS panel simulator.

With the guidance of fire safety, building management and corporate security advisors the EWIS panel simulator has been developed over the last 18 months.

The result is VeeSim.

CEO, Systems Architect and Technology Advisor – Graham

Graham’s prior experience as a CTO, GM Operations and HW, SW & Systems design engineer has helped guide VeeSim development using the latest technology to deliver a technically advanced and robust product.

Data Analysis and Systems Development - Susan

With a PHD in Computer Science and a Masters in Data Science Susan is highly educated and experienced.  Having written code in languages ranging from COBOL and C to HTML her ability to perform data analysis and write to code is substantial

Usability Testing and Marketing – Elena

With a BA in Marketing, a Masters in Organisational Behaviour and a Post Grad in Change Management Elena has provides VeeSim with a years sales and marketing experience to help promote VeeSim globally.

Systems Testing and Business Development – Geoff

Having worked in the IT and Training industries in both technical support and sales rolls for over 20 years Geoff has significant experience helping customers to identify and deploy technical and training solutions.