VeeSim Windows Software - FREE Download

by VeeSim

VeeSim is the latest advance in building safety compliance & safety training. Simulating your building EWIS, VeeSim provides emergency management training 24/7, ensuring responder capability and reducing human cost.

Filling the gap in evacuation training, VeeSim is used to train new staff and reinforce skills in existing staff. Typically, building evacuation systems cannot be used for training during business hours as activating alarms causes major disruptions to tenants, staff and visitors. Not when training with VeeSim.

VeeSim can be programmed to simulate Automatic & Manual Modes, Multiple Floors, Multiple WIPs per floor, Variable cascade sequence, Variable cascade times and Variable PEEP counts.

This version of VeeSim is a WINDOWS ONLY version

To download a VeeSim Brochure press here